Below is a list of best selling art supplies that you should consider as an artist.

  1. Apparel Barel Acrylic Paint Set

 Apparel Barel Acrylic Paint SetThis paint is formulated for use on any surface like Styrofoam, wood, plaster and tin. One major advantage with this paint is that it dries quickly to form a durable finish. It is also easy to clean up. It can be stamped, brushed, sponged and stenciled. It’s also easy to clean up.

  1. Chalk Markers.

Manufactured by ChalkTastic, this chalk is the best for kids for it is non toxic. The chalk has high quality, super concentrated chalk. It is great for menu boards, LED writing board, mirror makers, ceramic mugs and school work. It also gives you fine tip marker option.


This is a set of 25 all purpose paint brushes that have wooden handles. They also have bristle, sponge, nylon and camel hair brushes. They are perfect for students, beginners and professional artists. They are also safe for educational use.

  1. Hearty bay

 Hearty bayThis is a nice set of brushes for both beginners and professional artists. The set has 10 pieces of round pointed tip hair brush made from nylon. The brushes are of 10 sizes: 8 8 6 4 5 3 2 2 1 2/0. The brushes are made from high quality material that comes in attractive packaging.

  1. Xubox Pointed.

This is a set of round paintbrush. It comes in a set of 10 pieces. Different tip design ensures that the artist does fine detailing and can reach small spots and points when drawing botanical portraiture, wildlife, model ships and face painting. These brushes will give you the right details in your painting.

  1. InstaMorph – moldable plastic.

Instamorph has a lot of uses. It can be used to create custom grips, brackets, knobs, dials and connectors. It is reusable. Heat it, mold and use within minutes.

  1. Watercolor Artist set.

Watercolor Artist set.This set has 36 colors and comes with 12 quality brushes. This set is ideal for both artists and crafters and is safe for kids since its non toxic. The set has 12 brushes of different sizes. The brushes are made of quality synthetic.

  1. Ohuhu Water Coloring brush Pens.

This is a set of 6 brushes that has 3 tip point brush pens and 3 flat tip brush pens. The tips are made of high quality nylon hair brush that stays intact and does not spread or smear while in use. This set is ideal for both beginner and professional artists.

  1. Winsor and Newton Cotman water Color paint sketchers.

 Liquitex Basics Acrylic PaintThe actual contents may vary but this set feature 12 assorted Cotman water color half pans and a pocket brush. It comes in a plastic pocket sized box.

  1. Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint

This paint comes in titanium white color. It is thick creamy with satin finish which is good for pigment loading. It is safe for educational use and conforms to ASTM 4236. It can mix with Liquitex professional Acrylic Paint colors and mediums. It retains brush strokes and peaks. It is recommended for learning color theory.